• Advertising Teasers
    Advertising Teasers

    Production of advertising video teasers for promoting products and services

  • Software Development
    Software Development

    Designing, programming and developing software applications

  • Expert Consultation
    Expert Consultation

    Giving expert consultation in information technology

  • E-Commerce

    Providing technical solutions and

    designing e-commerce websites

  • Training

    Teaching programming and web development courses


The educator of computer engineering department and faculty member at Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz branch.

Bachelor of computer engineering (Software), master of information technology (e-commerce), doctorate of information technology (recommender systems).

Information technology consultant. Manager of software projects including e-commerce, information security and recommender systems. Educator of web development and programming courses. Educator of CIW course.

My Services

Web Development
Windows-based programming and software development. Web development and business promotion. Installing E-commerce websites
Multimedia solutions
Producing video teaser advertisements for introducing businesses. Introducing the organizations and their services using multimedia
Expert Consultation
Free support and expert consultation in IT and Software engineering. Providing guide about identification of the market according to the specific expertise or discipline. Presenting special seminars
Network security solutions
Evaluating and discovering network security weaknesses and reporting to the administrators. Providing network security solutions to prevent information leakage

My top skills

Information Security
Problem Solving


  • Mahziar Majd

    The way you teach is quite straightforward, and the transfer is complete. Thank you for your efforts

  • Mahboobeh Rostampour

    Personally, as one of your oldest students, I totally agree with the way you teach and manage the class in the best way possible

  • Sahar Sotoudehnia

    The student does not just need a good teacher to learn the lesson, some times the teachers do not understand the students. So, a teacher along with the power of expression and induction of the lesson must understand the student so that the student is passionate about the class and the lesson that you have both options. The university is in dire need of professors like you

  • Somayeh Ozar

    I was your student two years ago, your teaching is great

  • Parnia Sharifzadeh

    A professor whom you can not escape from falling in love with the type of his teaching

  • Davood Fereidooni

    You are the best friend and professor I have ever seen

  • Niloofar Moozarmpour

    You are awesome and your knowledge about computer science is great. You teach the students occasionally with fun to improve the quality of learning, specifically in practical sections which you ask us to test the matter and show the outcome

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